Brazilian multidisciplinary
artist based in Zurich, Switzerland.





3.05 –26.06
“Terra, Corpo” 
@ Galeria de Arte da UFAM, Manaus Brasil

23.2 Unburnt Clay Bars

Ceramics is a signifificant aspect of the cultural heritage and artistic expression in the North of Brazil, particularly in regions such as Marajó Island, where it has a rich history dating back to pre-Columbian times. Various style of burial urns, pots, bowls and vases have been discovered in the area.

The high iron oxide content in the soil gives the landscape a distinct reddish tint, which is particularly noticeable in areas where deforestation has occurred. «Unburnt clay bars» is an exploration of this materiality.

The fertility of the latosol soil depends completely on the rainforest. When the forest is cut down, all the nutrients in the soil are quickly used up, and the layer of humus stops getting replaced.

Unburnt clay bars on wood, 2023
Name of used clay «Brasil Steinzeugton», imported and sold by Bodmer Ton AG, Einsiedeln, Switzerland

Plaster cast mould with a typical gold bar inscription «999,9 Fine Gold», 2022