Brazilian multidisciplinary
artist based in Zurich, Switzerland.





3.05 –26.06
“Terra, Corpo” 
@ Galeria de Arte da UFAM, Manaus Brasil

23.3 Deformin’

BIPOC Group Exhibition
@Stiftung BIN39, Zurich, Switzerland

12:53 “I like the idea of “forms” as we all have different approaches, whether it’s de-forming by destroying existing forms or ideas; re-forming by recreating forms we know intimately in a space / place where it didn’t naturally / typically occur / be presented; in-forming by sharing knowledge we’ve lived; or just plain forming.”

12:54 “I’m free on Thursday from 13:00”

An excerpt from the Telegram group chat set up for the organization of this exhibition.

«Lavando tua ropa» (Washing Your Clothes).
Oil on wood, 200x175 cm.

Exhibition Poster by Nicolas Walker da Silva

Deformin participants: Zainab Lascandri, Cherry-Ann Davis, Nicolas Walker da Silva, Thassiannira Araujo Sousa

23.2 Unburnt Clay Bars

Ceramics is a signifificant aspect of the cultural heritage and artistic expression in the North of Brazil, particularly in regions such as Marajó Island, where it has a rich history dating back to pre-Columbian times. Various style of burial urns, pots, bowls and vases have been discovered in the area.

The high iron oxide content in the soil gives the landscape a distinct reddish tint, which is particularly noticeable in areas where deforestation has occurred. «Unburnt clay bars» is an exploration of this materiality.

The fertility of the latosol soil depends completely on the rainforest. When the forest is cut down, all the nutrients in the soil are quickly used up, and the layer of humus stops getting replaced.

Unburnt clay bars on wood, 2023
Name of used clay «Brasil Steinzeugton», imported and sold by Bodmer Ton AG, Einsiedeln, Switzerland

Plaster cast mould with a typical gold bar inscription «999,9 Fine Gold», 2022

22.10 Sensory Ethnography

In recent practices, methods of ethnology or social anthropology are increasingly being taken up in artistic works; in particular, the involvement of artists in social contexts and the roles they assume in them are being negotiated. Thassiannira showed an excerpt from her research trip to the Brazilian Amazon in connection with her master´s thesis «My father, a golddigger», in which she deals with extractivism.

An exchange within the Seminar - Sensory Ethnographx of the ZHdK Master Transdisziplinarität

at MATERIAL, Zurich Switzerland
Nov. 17th, 2022

22.9 Graphic Journal

04. September 2022

…é a tua terra

«Me sinto como um peixe que finalmente encontrou a sua água.»

03. September 2022


I will remain the last days at this river and will not leave as planned already in the direction of Roraima. I will tackle this part next time. Here I just learn a lot about myths that are related to the freshwater dolphins "Boto". A story entangled with exploitation of women –
02. September 2022


The cultivation of manioc, yucca, or cassava probably originated in the central regions of Brazil and was cultivated by the indigenous people long before colonization. It is prepared in the most diverse ways. I eat it all my life but I had never seen the production of «Farinha».
01. September 2022

Science fiction

After forty years spent in Serra Pelada, he still hopes that the mine, which is full of water, will be restarted and that he will soon find gold again. How the whole thing will succeed, he even described in the interview. He says he is a satisfied man who has experienced great adventure at the foot of this mine. Now he lives in the abandoned houses of the Canadian company that tried to mine gold underground a few years ago. (Colossus Minerals- mining video)
31. August 2022

Mining exploited region

It's so gigantic. I don't know how to describe it. In the middle of a hole dug by man. You can see the traces of the machines. The empty gas cans are lined up everywhere. It smells of gasoline and wet earth. More earth is removed and the hole gets deeper. Raw material mining is no longer an abstract concept for me.
30. August 2022


What now? Further north? My uncle could not go back to his camp yet. The raids in the Garimpo don’t seem to have calmed down yet. These are heated times and soon there will be elections.
28. August 2022

Back to the coast

North of Para. Taking a break and learning the rhythm «Carimbo».
24. August 2022

Garimpo II

I have great respect for their hard work to somehow make money. But the destruction that goes along with their work is disastrous – I find myself in the middle of a huge hole. You can only guess how dense the forest must have been here. I was never a tree hugger, but now I’m becoming one. I feel sorry for both. For the trees and as well for the people. Today there was a little gold in the rubble. The relations are just not right.
23. August 2022

Garimpo I

The first time in a mine. It’s crazy – now I’m actually in the region where my father has also searched for gold. There are still illegal excavations. Time seems to have stood still. The raw material they now find more is copper instead of gold. This heat is unbearable. How do they understand each other?  The engines are so loud and everywhere it smells of gasoline.
22. August 2022

End of life

I've encountered death in so many ways during these few days. Sisters saying good bye to each other, people passing by to tell me how my father died, covid deaths in the family, car accident from a cousin…
21. August 2022

How to get to the garimpo?

She spent 3 years in the garimpo close to the boarder to Venezuela. “Life is tough up there but at least I was making a living – cooking for the guy’s, I think you would like this kind of adventure.” I’m not so sure about it. She gave me so much insights that I doubt if I really should go there. The next days I will be visiting some gold mining camps in the region of Para. I’m really excited to see it in person. First stop will be «Grota Rica» – my father used to work there as well.
20. August 2022


This time it is not about the good hope of the bus, but about the fervent hope of the garimpeiros. I don’t understand what they are still doing there at this place. I can’t grasp their gold fever.
19. August 2022

How many roads…

So tired. The time is intense. At least the bus is called “Good Hope”
18. August 2022


What a privilege to travel with these amazing women. One of them is Ilmar. So many stories to share about overcoming obstacles in life. A vida é dura para quem é mole.
17. August 2022


On the way to the world's largest iron mine in Carajás, I heard on the radio that Major Cúrio, after the town was named Curionopolis, had died.
16. August 2022

Serra Pelada

The last few days I have been busy exploring this place where so many gold miners have been hanging out. Most of the houses in the village are still made of wooden planks. Time seems to have stood still here. I am assured that most of the old men are gold diggers and the old women are widows of gold diggers and the children are children of gold diggers. When you arrive and look for the famous mine, you easily miss it. It's just a lake...

Instagram - Goldgarimpo
15. August 2022


You have to have been to Pará to claim to have tasted real açaí. I could bathe myself in it. I love the earthy taste. It's harvest time at the moment and you can eat it right after you make it. My favourite way to eat it is with farinha, which is made from manjok. All gluten free.
14. August 2022


Curionópolis actually only came into being because of the gold rush in the Serra Pelada. Here I hear this saying a lot: De dia era trinta e de noite era trinta e oito. It's a pun on the number 30 and 38 - 38 is the name of a gun. The times must have been very rough here. The gold miners came here to have fun. In the mine itself, women and alcohol were forbidden at first. Major Cúrio had ensured law and order.
13. August 2022


I have no memory of my father but others have many. Now I started to collect them and meet relative, friends, unknown people who either worked with him in the mines or met him in passing.
12. August 2022


Huge tracts of land for the meat industry and election posters of Bolsonaro everywhere.
11. August 2022

Red sandy soil

Away from the coast to the red sandy soil. On the way to my first gold mining related stop – Serra Pelada and my birthplace Curionopolis. From São Luis it will take me around more than 20 hours to arrive there.
10. August 2022

Bolsonaro or Lula?

To spend time together definitely means to have the nails done watching telenovela. I regret a bit accepting the invitation, she took away so much of my “cuticula” cuticle that my nails all feel sore. The conversation kept getting political because of the elections in october and if Donna Açougueira could decide she wouldn’t vote at all – they all steal – but in order for her to get her pension correctly she has to vote and will most likely vote for someone unknown.
09. August 2022


Every time I see her again she seems to have gotten even smaller. She still makes her colorful rugs out of scraps of clothes. Só saudades daqueles velhos tempo. Encountering with grandma.
08. August 2022

Extraterrestrial gold

Where does gold actually come from? The thought about it makes the whole gold search even more mystical. Had completely forgotten about it. Gold is created when star remains collide.